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Bracelet in 18k white gold with brilliants and emeralds


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This bracelet was made of 18 carat (750/-.) white gold and 7 very fine emeralds with a weight of 0.14ct., 0.30ct., 0.33ct., 0.30ct., 0.35ct., 0 ,25ct. and 0.19ct. (Total 1.72 ct.) Of exceptionally rare color and clarity. In addition, diamonds with a weight of 3.06 ct. in Top Wesselton (G/fine white) and VVS (very very small inclusions) quality and octagonal diamonds weighing 0.20ct. used in Top Wesselton (G/fine white) and VS1 (very small inclusions 1) quality. The exact breakdown of the diamonds is at the end.

This bracelet is not only very high-quality and exclusively processed, but also the gemstones used are of very high quality. All of the gemstones have been set in crab settings to emphasize the beautiful color of the emeralds and the intense brilliance of the diamonds.

The emeralds are beautifully even in size and have an identical colour. The brilliants surround the emeralds and taper off towards the end of the top.

The chain type is the braid chain.

The following diamonds were used: 14 times 3mm, 2 times 2.9mm, 6 times 2.8mm, 2 times 2.6mm, 2 times 2.4mm, 6 times 2.3mm, 6 times 2.2mm, 2 times 1.9mm: in Top Wesselton (F) and VVS quality.

The following octagonal diamonds were used: 4 x 1.7mm, 4 x 1.6mm, 4 x 1.4mm: in Top Wesselton (F) and VS1 quality.

The following emeralds were used (length, width, depth in mm): 3.52/2.99/1.87; 4.52/3.15/2.8; 4.73/3.57/2.64; 5.03/3.86/2.09; 4.97/ 3.73/ 2.57; 4.32/3.08/2.52; 3.57/3.03/2.37: very fine color, purity and transparency. Very good cut.

The bracelet weighs 24.94 grams and is 18.5-19 cm long.

All of our jewelry is available with a certificate. The evaluation takes place under international guidelines as trained gemologists and diamond appraisers of the German Gemmological Society.

Can be delivered within Germany in 2-4 working days.

Can be delivered to Austria in 2-8 working days.

According to § 25a UStG, this article is subject to differential taxation, the VAT is not shown on the invoice.

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