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Radiant gold nugget in 999.9% fine gold with eyelet

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Dive into the depths of our planet and discover one of its oldest and most precious gifts: gold. This exclusive pendant, a bright yellow gold nugget , represents the purity and beauty of Mother Nature in its purest form.

Weighing 5.12 grams, this gold piece is not only a physical representation of luxury, but also of historical and cultural significance. People have always had a special connection to gold. It symbolizes wealth, power and divine favor. The nugget, in its unadulterated form, speaks of an original and untouched state that embodies the magic and mysticism of the precious metal.

Crafted in impressive 999.9% fine gold hallmarking, this pendant guarantees the highest quality. Its natural structures and shapes have been lovingly preserved, giving it a distinctive appearance. A subtle eyelet completes the design and makes it possible to carry this treasure of the earth close to your heart.

Gold nuggets are not only rare treasures, but also symbols of stability, immortality and the wonderful secrets of our planet. This pendant is not only a piece of jewelry, but also a sign of reverence and appreciation for the wonders of nature.

If you are looking for a chain - whether for this or another pendant - we will be happy to help you.

All our jewelry is available with a certificate . The evaluation is carried out under international guidelines as trained gemologists and diamond appraisers from the German gemmological society.

This item is subject to differential taxation in accordance with Section 25a UStG; VAT is not shown on the invoice.

Our jewelry is only shipped insured. There is no transport risk for you.

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