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Artistic earrings in 14 carat by Roberto Bravo - NOAHS ARK collection

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Enter the wonderful world of Roberto Bravo's Noah's Ark collection! This unique piece of jewelry is an original piece by the renowned designer and impresses with its exceptional creativity and uniqueness.

The earrings are decorated with 0.06 carat sparkling diamonds, which were lovingly handcrafted into the design. Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of the Noah's Ark collection created by Roberto Bravo. Every detail has been perfectly crafted down to the smallest element, from the cute duck to the colorful flowers to the delicate butterflies, turtles and birds. The attention to detail and artful design of the enamel work is breathtaking and gives the earrings exceptional beauty.

Weighing 18.82 grams , these earrings are a statement piece that will adorn any face and make the wearer unique. The clip-on closure ensures a secure fit and allows for easy attachment to the earlobe.

The earrings measure 20.9 mm in length and 20.4 mm in width, and its exquisite design immediately attracts everyone's attention. Roberto Bravo's Noah's Ark collection is inspired by the story of Noah's Ark, in which a variety of animals were rescued to preserve the beauty of nature. This pendant embodies this unique message and reminds us that together we are responsible for preserving the beauty of our world.

Let yourself be enchanted by this rare eye-catcher and wear a piece of art and design that expresses your personality. With the radiant topazes with a total weight of around 8.1 carat, this pendant is a real eye-catcher that will make you shine at every moment.

Discover the world of Roberto Bravo's Noah's Ark collection and let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and meaning of these unique pieces of jewelry. Enjoy the work of art created by Roberto Bravo and renew the beauty of nature by wearing this exceptional piece of jewelry.

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