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Natural colored pearl necklace with 18k yellow gold pendant with brilliants

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This piece of jewelry is a natural-colored pearl necklace with a slight gradient from 9.8mm to 11.5mm. The colors range from cream to white/gray to orange and harmonize perfectly with each other. The pearl structures beautifully show the naturalness and creation in the shell.

Yellow gold links in 750/- were placed between the beads. (18 carat) used with a very aesthetic and stylish structure. The curved and hammered shapes of the links harmonize perfectly with the natural structures of the beads and symbolize an unusual connection with nature.

The clasp was elaborately crafted into a pearl. The mechanism for the lock was inserted into the pearl and can be removed by applying pressure on both sides. An additional safety feature is the curved hook, which still holds the pearl necklace together when the mechanism is opened. By hiding the clasp in the pearl, it is as if invisible, so the pearl necklace appears endless and the pearl with hidden mechanics adapts to the pearl necklace unnoticed.

The pendant, which was tied centrally into the pearl necklace, complements the already mentioned connection to nature. This pendant, which was made by hand in 18 carat (750/-.) yellow gold, was shaped into wavy, natural-looking structures and additionally sandblasted, which imitates the shine of natural gold. In addition to brilliant-cut diamonds weighing 0.18 ct. In the quality Wesselton (H) and VS (very small inclusions) a pearl with a diameter of 12.7mm was set with beautiful natural structures. The shape of the pendant and the arrangement of the diamonds in bezel settings show a very successful progression from the pearl necklace to the individual pearl, which completes the entire piece of jewelry with its identical shape and structure.

The charisma and effect of this pearl necklace is something very special and the craftsmanship and aesthetic work, which is based on the beauty of nature, makes this necklace a timeless and elegant eye-catcher.

The new price at that time in 1997, while the gold price was very low at that time, was 17,500 DM and was bought for 15,000 DM. All invoices and an original certificate are available.

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