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Ring in 18k yellow gold with brilliants and a sapphire


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This ring was made in 18k (750/-.) yellow gold with 1 blue sapphire weighing 0.70ct. with a beautiful intense color and good transparency and purity. In addition, 11 diamonds with a diameter and weight of 2.4 mm and 0.05 ct each. and 9 brilliants with a diameter and weight of 2.2mm and 0.04ct each. caught. The quality of the stones is Wesselton (H/white) and VS (very small inclusions/very small inclusions), the total weight is 0.91 carat.
The rail has been made classic and solid with a nice width, which can reflect the incident light with a nice light yellow colour. The heart of this ring is the ring head.
The sapphire was set in crabs in the center and at the highest point and is supported by 2 diamond circles with a slightly offset arrangement. Not only is the location slightly offset, but the angles of each crab mount vary. Due to the different angles, the diamonds radiate in all directions and increase the effect of the ring. The brilliants are also set in crabs, which maximize the light supply and support the intense fire.
The slightly offset structure allows the ring head to be gripped very flush, which creates an elegant surface effect.

The ring weighs 5.31 grams, the ring size is 53 or 16.9 mm in diameter. We offer to resize this ring to your size free of charge, please contact us or use the order notes (at the shopping cart). You can use our contact form and phone number or visit us in our shop in Augsburg. Sizes from 48-57 are possible with this ring. Please note that changes will increase the delivery time.

All of our jewelry is available with a certificate. The evaluation takes place under international guidelines as trained gemologists and diamond appraisers of the German Gemmological Society.

Can be delivered within Germany in 2-4 working days.

Can be delivered to Austria in 2-8 working days.

According to § 25a UStG, this article is subject to differential taxation, the VAT is not shown on the invoice.

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