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ring in 750/-. White gold with chrome tourmaline and brilliants


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This ring is a 750/-. (18k) white gold crafted ring with a chrome tourmaline and brilliant cut diamonds. The chrome tourmaline is a variety from the tourmaline family, which stands out due to its extremely intense green color. Chromium is the coloring element for this tourmaline and also the coloring element for emeralds. Because of this, the color is very similar to the emerald color. A big advantage in addition to the same color is the significantly better purity compared to emerald, so this tourmaline is eye-clean and extremely transparent. The color and clarity are extremely rare to find in the gemstone world. The tourmaline has a weight of 2.70 carats. In addition, diamonds with a weight of 0.45 ct. in quality approx. Wesselton (H/white) and VS (very small inclusions).

The tourmaline has been set in a crab setting with four very strong crabs, allowing it to catch light from all sides and reflect its intense green colour. The strong crabs offer a high level of security and in addition, the tips of these crabs have been strongly rounded to avoid snagging on clothing fibres. The tourmaline has also been positioned slightly higher so that the focus is directed to it.

The diamonds, which have been processed in the ring band up to the end of the viewing, have a supporting effect. The diamonds were also set in crab settings and, like the tourmaline, have an open base so that the light can flow through. This effect shows itself in a very strong brilliance/ in a very strong fire of the diamonds. The diamonds support and complete the tourmaline excellently, the bright brilliance elegantly transfers the focus to the tourmaline, which, due to its raised position, can dominantly radiate the color, while the strong brilliance sets exciting accents.

The style of this ring is extremely stone-accentuated, so the tourmaline was raised without the gold elements disturbing its charisma. The ring band has been set very flush with brilliant-cut diamonds, which have the same width as the ring band. As a result, only the tourmaline and the diamonds have an effect on the finger. This makes the ring a noble eye-catcher. The intelligent design is not only modern but also timeless.

This piece of jewelery weighs 3.18 grams and the ring size is 54 or 18mm in diameter. We offer to resize this ring to your size free of charge, please contact us or use the order notes (at the shopping cart). You can use our contact form and phone number or visit us in our shop in Augsburg. Sizes from 51-57 are possible with this ring. Please note that if you make changes, you enter into a purchase contract and the delivery time increases.

All of our jewelry is available with a certificate. The evaluation takes place under international guidelines as trained gemologists and diamond appraisers of the German Gemmological Society.

Can be delivered within Germany in 2-4 working days.

Can be delivered to Austria in 2-8 working days.

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