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Tahitian pearl necklace with yellow gold clasp


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This pearl necklace is a so-called Tahitian pearl, a dark South Sea pearl. This string of pearls was knotted with a very slight progression of 12.00mm to 13.10mm, with each pearl being knotted individually. A lobster clasp in 585/-. (14k) yellow gold used. The length of this pearl necklace is 45cm.

What is special about the Tahitian pearl is its unique color in the pearl world. This pearl necklace captivates with an exciting and intense dark gray color. A composition of different shades was deliberately made in order to ideally emphasize the versatility of this type of pearl. This is also supported by the small naturals (natural things) on the pearls, where you can see the growth and formation of these pearls.

The different shades and color zoning harmonize very well as a whole and truly bring this pearl necklace to life. Combined with the very beautiful and varied luster of these pearls, this pearl necklace is an elegant and timeless piece of jewelry. Another advantage of this shade is the variety of possible combinations.

Due to the low gradient, this pearl necklace is very even and easy to wear. The clasp has been kept very small to give focus to the pearls, making this pearl necklace an ideal size, length and effect for everyday wear.

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