NEW: Loose diamonds in all qualities with certificate from GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that we are adding a special area to our range. We want to provide honest and transparent access to the best diamonds in the world and want to offer loose certified diamonds that prove to be particularly stable in value and sought after.

Diamonds have experienced an extreme upswing in the last year, which is being recognized more and more by private individuals - we have also felt a sharp increase in demand. Diamonds have some of the most stable properties of all asset classes over a longer period of time. For a long time this asset was only accessible to traders and experts , this has changed over time and we would like to actively start there.

Even if no one knows how the diamond price behaves, past developments show a clear trend upwards ! Another advantage is the steady and constant price development of diamonds, which are significantly less volatile than conventional assets. Now you can participate in this development.

According to experts, the price development will continue in the long term as demand increases while new mines and production volumes shrink . Other price drivers can include sharp increases in energy costs, high environmental regulations and currently low inventories.

The current problem with the procurement of high-quality diamonds is the lack of trust in the provider and a complex price mix based on different quality characteristics. In addition, grading and checking the loose diamond with the certificate is difficult to carry out - we will do that for you! We will explain to you exactly which combination of features justifies which price .

A further problem in this market is the increasing flooding of synthetic diamonds , which are worth significantly less. These syntheses can only be detected with special gemmological equipment.

We constantly search the diamond exchanges for attractive opportunities , which we will offer after careful review and coordination with the certificate. We only offer diamonds from conflict-free regions and ethically mined . We focus on sizes, shapes and qualities that are in high demand.

You can find our loose certified diamonds under the product category: loose diamonds.

These diamonds are very suitable as an investment and as a stable and value-enhancing addition . The big advantage of this asset is that you can carry your investment and enjoy the beauty of this gemstone.

We are trained and certified gemologists and diamond appraisers and we guarantee the quality , naturalness and authenticity of the diamond and the certificate.

We also offer consultations and together we can find the diamond you want in terms of color, clarity and size. If we do not have this diamond in stock, we will make you a non-binding offer at what price we can procure this diamond - you can of course reject or accept this offer.

If you now want to incorporate your diamond into a piece of jewelry , we can help you with the design and production .