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Princess Cut Brilliant H (Wesselton) and VVS - 1.01 carat


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This diamond is a so-called princess cut (square) diamond in a modified brilliant cut.

The weight of this diamond is 1.01 carat.

The color was rated H (Wesselton) and is free of any color tint.

The purity was rated VVS2 (very very small inclusions 2) and represents almost the best purity.

The polish was rated excellent and the symmetry was rated very good.

The princess-cut diamond is becoming increasingly popular because the angular structures offer an unusual change from round brilliant diamonds. The Princess Cut cut is a very modern and scientific cut that creates an intense and lively fire in the diamond. The cut of this stone was of very high quality and in combination with the beautiful color and clarity, this diamond is characterized by extreme brilliance.

The evaluation was carried out by the best-known and largest laboratory -GIA-, and a corresponding certificate is included. GIA is one of the most accurate laboratories, which means your assessments are extremely reliable and diamonds with a GIA certificate are traded at a premium. In addition, you can use the certificate number or QR code to view the complete certificate in the GIA online archive from anywhere and at any time.

The diamond has received a microscopic laser inscription, which can be used to clearly determine whether it belongs to this certificate.

This diamond was carefully selected by us and complies 100% with the certificate in all points. We want to offer the best diamonds at fair prices and give you access to the diamond world. The diamonds we offer have all been mined ethically and come exclusively from conflict-free countries and regions.

We would be happy to accompany you on your way to finding the ideal diamond for you. We also design pieces of jewelry according to your ideas and help insert your desired diamond into a new piece of jewelry.

Our jewelry is only shipped insured. There is no transport risk for you.

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