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Necklace in 14k yellow and white gold with brilliants


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This necklace was made of 14 karat (585/-.) yellow and white gold, using the following brilliants (brilliant-cut diamonds): 50 brilliants with a diameter and weight of 1.15mm and 0.008ct each. and 20 brilliants with a diameter and weight of 1.3mm and 0.01ct each. The quality of the present stones is rated Top Crystal (I/slightly tinted white plus) and VS1 (very small inclusions 1/very small inclusions 1), the total weight is 0.60 carat.

The necklace is in excellent condition, the unusual plait chain has been produced very flush and can score with a special light yellow shine. The white gold links, each set with 14 brilliant-cut diamonds, are a nice change. By grasping these links very tightly and flush, a strong surface fire is created.

The necklace is 42 cm long and weighs 38.72 grams.

All of our jewelry is available with a certificate. The evaluation takes place under international guidelines as trained gemologists and diamond appraisers of the German Gemmological Society.

Can be delivered within Germany in 2-4 working days.

Can be delivered to Austria in 2-8 working days.

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