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Elegant Italian silver service from the 1940s in 800 silver with elegant wooden handles


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This Italian silver service represents a masterful symbiosis of functional elegance and craftsmanship perfection. Each element of the set - the milk jug, the coffee pot, the teapot and the sugar bowl - embodies the outstanding skill of Italian silversmithing .

The ensemble, handmade in the 1940s , impresses with its gently curved, bulbous shapes that absorb the light and reflect it in a warm, shiny silver tone. The shine of the 800 silver is of such quality that it emphasizes the facets of craftsmanship at every angle and captures the eye of the beholder. The finish appears flawless and reflects the care with which the set has been maintained to maintain its ideal condition .

The handles of the jugs, carefully crafted from solid wood , demonstrate a design intelligence that takes into account not only aesthetics but also practical comfort. They fit comfortably in the hand and effectively insulate heat, keeping the contents hot while protecting the hand from heat. These handles are not only functional, but also a visual highlight that creates a warm contrast to the cool shine of the silver and rounds off the overall look of the set.

With an impressive total weight of 1694.62 grams, the quality of the service is manifested not only visually, but also in its substantial presence. The coffee pot weighs 596.90 grams, the teapot weighs 580 grams, the milk carafe weighs 276.30 grams and the sugar bowl weighs 241.42 grams. The mechanics and functionality of each piece are excellent - lids open effortlessly and close securely, pouring spout are precisely shaped for a perfect pouring experience.

This service is more than just a utility item - it is a piece of history and craftsmanship that elevates every table into a ceremony of the highest order. It promises to be an eye-catcher and conversation starter both in private collections and at social events. A timeless testament to Italian elegance that transforms every meal into a festive event.

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