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Large rutilated quartz pendant in 14 carat (585) yellow gold - handmade


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Experience the mesmerizing beauty of this handcrafted pendant that features an impressive rutilated quartz as the focal point. With dimensions of 61.5mm x 20.5mm, this stone is a real eye-catcher not only because of its size, but especially because of its unusual inclusions. The fine rutile structures in quartz tell stories from a distant past and give it a mysterious charm.

This rutilated quartz is like a work of art of nature, preserved for eternity. Every look reveals new details, every refraction of light emphasizes the uniqueness of the stone. The whole thing is framed by elegant 14 carat (585/-.) yellow gold, which, weighing around 4.5 grams , complements the stone perfectly and gives it the necessary support.

With a total weight of 25.05 grams , this pendant is not just a piece of jewelry, but a statement. The precise craftsmanship and choice of materials speak for themselves and underline the exclusivity of this pendant.

This piece is an absolute must-have not only for gemstone lovers, but for anyone looking for something special. A piece of nature, artfully refined, is waiting to be worn by you.

With the generous eyelet, this pendant can be worn with a wide range of chains. If you are looking for a chain - whether for this or another pendant - we will be happy to help you.

All our jewelry is available with a certificate . The evaluation is carried out under international guidelines as trained gemologists and diamond appraisers from the German gemmological society.

This item is subject to differential taxation in accordance with Section 25a UStG; VAT is not shown on the invoice.

Our jewelry is only shipped insured. There is no transport risk for you.

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