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German handmade bowl in silver, gold-plated inside


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Immerse yourself in the world of exquisite craftsmanship with our handcrafted German bowl made from 835/-. Silver. This bowl combines traditional craftsmanship with elegant elegance and timeless design. Every detail has been designed and handcrafted with great care to create a unique and high quality bowl.

Made from high quality 835/- silver, the bowl features internal gold plating that adds a touch of luxury. The gilding emphasizes the curved and elegant structures of the bowl and gives it a royal effect. When the light hits it, the silver literally shines and gives the bowl an extraordinary charisma.

With a weight of 841 grams, this bowl is not only a piece of jewelry, but also extremely robust and durable. With a length of 21cm and a width of 17cm, this bowl offers enough space and is spacious enough to present or serve various items in style. It will be an eye-catcher in any room and will add a touch of elegance and style to your home or event.

Enjoy the luxurious feel and great craftsmanship of this German handcrafted bowl.

We offer to thoroughly clean this bowl before it is sent to you (silver always tarnishes a bit over time). In addition, when you purchase silverware, you will receive a high-quality silver agent with a cloth so that you can show your silverware at its best.

All our jewelry is available with a certificate. The evaluation is carried out under international guidelines as trained gemologists and diamond appraisers from the German gemmological society.

This item is subject to differential taxation in accordance with Section 25a UStG; VAT is not shown on the invoice.

Our jewelry is only shipped insured. There is no transport risk for you.

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